Mudkip using Dig by TheFredricus


“The attacker digs underground in the first turn, then pops up in the next turn to attack.”

The Dig move is an attack used primarily by Ground and Rock Pokemon who dig into the Earth for the first turn and then rise up to attack the opponent. Throughout each generation, it has always been acquired as TM28.

Though effective in avoiding attacks; Dig does not always make the user invulnerable. Ground-Type moves like Earthquake, Magnitude and Fissure can still damage the Pokemon using Dig. And since it is a Ground-Type move; Flying-Type Pokemon are not affected by Dig.




Rock Throw

“A Rock-type attack. As the name implies, a huge boulder is dropped on the target”

The Rock Throw is a Rock-Type move that deals damage without any additional effects.

It had only a quite low accuracy of 65% in the first Gen Pokemon games. This changed since Gen II when the accuracy was buffed up to 95%.



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