Pyron is the final boss in Darkstalkers 1+2, and also Capcom Fighting Jam / Evolution in which he is an unlockable character.




The Tributes:




The brightest Dark Stalker. The Red Giant, PYRON!

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by Mulcimber


   This is Pyron, alien entity from the planet Hellstorm, and boss of the Darkstalkers fighting-game series. He’s a lifeform made of pure energy, who wants to conquer the universe. He found in Earth’s Darkstalkers a challenge and an enjoyment, so he decided to take a humanoid form just to entertain himself fighting them.

I think Pyron is a cool boss for Darkstalkers, the only thing I didn’t like about him is his not very tall sprite in the original game (Actually he shares the same problem as Demitri). Well, I hope CAPCOM will give him a more adequate size in the so rumored new game of the series.

by DaiKuwabara




by Humida


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