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 Rules and Organization


All Mortal Kombat Characters playable and even only mentioned MK characters will be a part of it

The goal is to get every characterdesign of every Mortal Kombat character included in this big art tribute. All playable characters were covered already, now its time for the different designs and a few more of the unplayable MK characters.

There is a time limit of  1 (one) Month for an artist to deliver the Project entry. If an artist cant make the entry in that time but has a reason and is sure to make it in a short time later, np

Normally one Artist can only draw one entry to participate in this giant fan art project. However, if the artist draw already one entry, and wants to draw another character, he is allowed to do so of that character was already drawn.


The Project takes place on DA via an own gallery on MK Rebirth, but also  here on  Game-Art-HQ-Com via own galleries and descriptions to the characters

Every artist gets a link to his DA Profile or another website prefered.

Beside MKRebirth also other dA groups and websites will be involved to promote this tribute.


Characters can be claimed via the MK Rebirth DA Group

Characters of  are claimed


List of the Mortal Kombat Kharacters you can claim


Mortal Kombat I Characters

Liu Kang
Sonya Blade
Shang Tsung –

Mortal Kombat II Characters

Jax Briggs
Kung Lao
Noob Saibot

Introduced in Mortal Kombat 3 and updates

Chameleon (claimed AND DONE by thatdb )

Cyrax (claimed and DONE by BrotherOstavia )
Cyber Smoke (claimed on 17.10.2011 by Kergran )
Ermac (claimed and done by Rubiz74 )
Kabal (claimed and DONE by dourdan)
Khameleon (claimed and DONE by Project00Wolfen )
Motaro (claimed on AND DONE by grumble-bee )
Nightwolf (claimed  and DONE by Tigrexkiller777)
Rain (claimed on 15.09.2011 by Thedge / MFG Forum)
Sektor (claimed AND DONE by TeukkiSS )
Sheeva (Claimed AND DONE by zakuman )
Sindel (Claimed AND DONEby arlo-ramz )
Stryker (Claimed and done YourFathersMustache )

Sub Zero (Unmasked) (claimed on 12-09-2011 by ryan-98  )

Introduced in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero

Fujin (claimed AND DONEby Sweet-Emmy )
Quan Chi ( claimed AND DONE by AmaraNth7ne )
Sareena (claimedAND DONE by Metadream )

Kia (claimed AND DONE by WinterWeasel )

Jataaka (claimed AND DONE by DeVanceArt )

Shinnok (claimed AND DONE by Merkwurdigliebe13 )

Introduced in Mortal Kombat 4

Jarek (claimed on AND DONE by molim )
Kai claimed
Meat (claimed on 01.10 2011 by GlaciusTS)
Reiko (claimed on and DONE by kostasishere )
Tanya (claimed AND DONE by This-Dandy-Boy )

Introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Blaze (claimed and DONE by dragonfire53511 )
Bo’ Rai Cho (claimed and DONE by Sopeh )
Drahmin claimed
Frost (claimed AND DONE by 585 )
Hsu Hao (claimed and DONE by bapabst )
Kenshi (claimedAND DONEby Dani-Castro )
Li Mei (claimedAND DONE by senorfro )
Mavado (claimed ND DONE by SheeveCreator )
Mokap done!
Moloch (claimed AND DONEby Puzzletoad )
Nitara (Claimedand DONE by Humida )

Reptile (Lizardman form) (claimedAND DONE by mardukreport )

Introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deception

Ashrah (claimed and DONE by OneWingedAngel75 )
Dairou (claimed on 02.10.2011 by Telly-chan)
Darrius (claimed onAND DONE by danitoons )
Havik (claimed and DONE by Lanweii )
Hotaru (claimed AND DONE by Khallandra )
Kira (claimed AND DONE by Michiyo1234 )
Kobra (claimed and DONE by ProfSebastian )
Shujinko (claimed AND DONEby The-White-Mariah )

Introduced in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Daegon (claimed on 26.10 by flawless31490)
Taven (claimed AND DONE by SkullsandRoses )


Introduced in Mortal Kombat (2011)

Human Cyrax (claimed on 19.09.2011 by ScorpionBlaze ) <

Human Sektor (claimed AND DONE by Thantosxs )

Kratos (claimed  AND DONE byThriceLW)

Cyber Sub Zero (claimed and DONE by Mawnbak )

Skarlet (claimed AND DONE by phrenan )

Freddie Krueger (claimed AND DONE by MegaMan007 )


Other Non Playable Mortal Kombat Characters including Concepts (List incomplete)

Zebron (claimed AND DONE by TheWiseWeirdProphet )

Belokk (claimed on 03.10.2011 by DCompton )

Hornbuckle (claimed AND DONE by Emeraltana)

Hydro (claimed and done by Blazekingz )

Nimbus Terrafaux (claimed  and DONE by ImBillPardy )

Dark Kahn (claimed on 02.10 by artcat1962 )

Tremor (claimed AND DONE by pati88 )