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Game Art HQ News (01.09.2012)

Only 2 weeks till Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is getting released, and on the same day our tribute to the start of the Tekken series, a Tekken I art tribute as well

Around 40 artists participated in this one with artworks about Paul Phoenix, Kazuya Mishima, Michelle Chang etc. and how they looked back in 1994!

This project is just the start to an upcoming series of Tekken related tributes, but i am sure it will raise some eyebrows when people se the entries. Especially the ones for Kuma :-)


Game Art HQ News (06.08.2012)

Over 2 weeks since the last little News entry, but my focus is still on the Fan Art Section mostly.

Link`s Blacklist, the art tribute to the Zelda game bosses and enemies is now 40 submitted artworks strong, over 30 more are in the making still.The Mortal Kombat Tribute reached 140 submitted artworks last week, “only” 64 more artists are needed to finish this project and ihave hopes it might be done in 2012!

All 95 artists featured on game art hq have their own redone or new galleries now on the GAHQ Fan Art Section, i am currently working on the character and game galleries there now and fear those all wont be done before November 2012.


Game Art HQ News (15.07.2012)

20 entries for the upcoming “Link`s Blacklist” art tribute about the enemies and bosses of the Zelda games are submitted already, around 2000 visitors have seen the Kirby Anniversary Tribute which got promoted on a handful of Kirby themed fansites.

Over 180 artists are involved in the MK Tribute now, around 130 entries are submitted already, we aim for a November completition of this ambitious art project.

The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gallery as been updated with the recently announced console exclusive characters Alex, Prototype Jack, Tiger Jackson and Forest Law

The fan art part of Game Art HQ is now using facebook, the nickname on FB is GameArt HQ



Game Art HQ News (06.07.2012)

The Kirby 20th Anniversary Tribute has been published!

Also, all artists have new, updated galleries now, + a handful new artists are onboard, to see their galleries visit the new Fan Art site

From the next week on forward, i work on the galleries for the big images + game and game character galleries.

Over 90 more artists are involved in the MK Tribute

A Legend of Zelda Tribute is also in the works about the enemies and bosses in the whole series, 40 artists are invovled so far.

Last but not least there is another art project ongoing! Hint: CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCombo Breaker!


Game Art HQ News (24.06.2012)

Same as in the last weeks, still working on the artist gallerys and there are 33 more now. There are over 70 artist involved in the new Mortal Kombat Tribute round, over 10 new pieces are submitted already, and you can see the new MK Tribute Main Gallery here. The character galleries are not yet done obviously, but there are galleries for MK 1-5 and MK9 already. The Design is a huge step above the old MK Tribute, and the new entries look all very good too.

In around 10 days the Kirby 20th Anniversary Game Art HQ Tribute gets published, its artworks look just fantastic!


A big update was also done on my personal project Fighting-Games-Elite.com a fan art project with the goal to get more and more characters of fighting games drawn, no matter how popular they are.

Over 20 characters were drawn and submitted in May, 61 are featured on the site now, if you like fan art and fighting games..take a look

The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 official artworks gallery was updated with Angel, Kunimitsu, Ogre and more recently published renders




Interview with Skullgirls Creative Director Alex Ahad

Skullgirls is a new 2D Fighting Game which gets released this week, the Interview is about his role as artist in the process of the game development, about characters and their influences and last but not least about Fan Art, dA and Game Art HQ

The Interview can be viewed here


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