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 Today Cloud Strife is one of the most popular role playing games video game worldwide still wait for a remake of Final Fantasy VII. I expect many fan art for him here

I saw that Cloud Strife is one of the names /keywords game art hq gets often found trough google, it wonders me but hey Mr Cloud Strife fan, welcome here on this site, we have many other great fan arts of other Final Fantasy characters as well!


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Cloud Strife is a character from the Final Fantasy RPG Series. Cloud Strife is the main character from Final Fantasy VII and is playable in the fighting games Ehrgeiz and Final Fantasy Dissidia.

Cloud can also be unlocked as a secret character in Final Fantasy Tactics and he appeared in the Kingdom Hearts and Itadagi Street series.

 Since the Movie Final Fantasy Advent Children is basically a sequel to Final Fantasy VII, drawings of Cloud in his Movie look are okay too

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