Akuma Gouki Fan Art Sculpt by rgm501

by rgm501


akuma sf third strike art by_magnothus

 by Magnothus

akuma_rise_of_the_titan street fighter game character fan art by_OSK_studio

by Oscar Celestini

akuma gouki sf3 street fighter fan artquickie by tovio911

by tovio911

akuma gouki street fighter game character fan art by_orientalowl

by Orientalowl

Akuma Gouki Street Fighter Game Character Fan Art by_spoon02

by spoon02

Return_of_Sheng_Long akuma gouki fan art by_2dforever

by 2DForever

 magical_school_girl_akuma gouki re design by_samuraiblack

 by Samuraiblack

gouki street fighter art_by_metalhanzo

by MetalHanzo

Gouki Art by_MetalHanzo

by MetalHanzo



Akuma, aka Gouki in japan is an evil badass design and one of the first hidden and unlockable characters in fighting games. Akuma is a very strong and also a hard to master fighter in the most of his incarnations and it seems he is a fan favourite under artists as well. 

Beside Ryu and Ken he might be one of the most drawn male Street Fighter game characters.


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 Akuma Profile

Akuma is a character of the Street Fighter  fighting game Series. Akuma debuted as the first hidden and unlockable Street Fighter character in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Since Street Fighter Alpha 2 he was in every Street Fighter game except the Street Fighter EX series. Akuma also appeared in many other capcom fighting games like Capcom Vs SNK, Marvel Vs Capcom 2+3 , SNK vs Capcom, Pocket Fighters. He appeared in all Card Fighters Clash Games so far as well. Akuma appears in 4 different versions all in all, Akuma, Shin Akuma , Cyber Akuma and Oni (Akuma)

To have a action figure of this badass is mandatory if you are a street fighter fan. I have one in my living room too



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