A Tribute To The Boss – Round 1 – Fighting Games

With every fighting game, art design is key, however nothing is more design intensive then when the art team has to design the boss. If it falters, then the boss and the game is quickly forgotten, but with the greats, the game is remembered, in part, due to the boss fight. Whether it’s because of how the boss looks, the difficulty of the fight, or maybe a combination of the both. Whatever your reason for remembering a boss fight, just remember that it was also due to a great art team behind their creation.



Sagat (SFI)

M.Bison (SFII)

Gill (SFIII)

Pyron (DS)

Jedah (DS)

Bilstein (SG)



True Ogre (Tekken 3)

Unknown (Tekken TT)





Mr Karate (Art of Fighting)

Orochi (King of Fighter`s 97)


Amakusa (Samurai Shodown)


Mizuki (Samurai Shodown II)


Wolfgang Krauser (Fatal Fury 2)


Geegus (World Heroes)

Rugal Bernstein (King of Fighter`s `94, `95, `98, `2002)





 Shao Kahn (MK II, MK III, MK 2011





I-No (Guilty Gear X2)

V-13 (Blaz Blue)




Master Hand



Makaitaitei Fernandez (Waku Waku 7)


Sissy (Power Instinct Matrimelee)



The second big Video Game Fan Art Project between GA-HQ and a Deviantart Fan Group (Fighting Games Elite) was voted with

the Target, to get a Tribute Fan Art Gallery  of nearly 40 Bosses of fighting games together.

Nearly everyone who ever played a fighting game might know M.Bison from Street Fighter II, or Heihachi Mishima from the Tekken games.

This Project however, is a tribute for many more Boss Characters, ranging from maybe obscure ones like Fernandez from Wai Wai 7 to relative popular ones like mentioned above.



Voices of the Artists who participated in the Boss Tribute Round I on Game Art HQ / Fighting Games Elite


Marvin00 (M.Bison, Geese Howard, Wolfgang Krauser)

I just wanted to say, that it’s great seeing so many different artists, with their various styles and ideas for this great Boss Tribute. I’m very impressed with the works in this gallery , and I’m glad, to be counted among them, as well. Can’t wait for the next one!


Hybridmink (V13)

The boss tribute was a great way to pull in a large number of audiences with such a broad range of choices available to the community. Integrating the entries into a dedicated website is also a good idea. I had fun with my entry and I look forward to the next contest I find time to enter into. 


Soysaurus1 (Shao Kahn)

I am very happy to have been a part of the Boss Tribute Project! Its fun to see all the bosses of fighting games drawn by many artists and the many different styles in which they are portrayed. I’m proud to have my piece included among a geat chosen few!


PhillyPhats (I-No, Jedah)

Overall I think it was a dope and successful project. The turnout was great so many artists with different styles. The best idea behind the project was first creating a limitation, being only bosses and only having 1 to 4 artist spaces available. Doing that created a unique gallery with alot of variety, in not only style but content. Thank god, cuz I would have been bored if I saw 30 akuma fan pics lol.


BusterGarou (Geegus)

It was great to be a part of this project especially since my favorite characters are usually the villains and bosses from fighting games. I hope that people enjoy the art that all these fans have made for this amazing project!


OverOneHundred (Uriko)

So many great artists shown up with some epic entries, wish il’d up’d my game, but was definitely great to add to it and see what the others and there works turned out like, looking forward to the next stage of ideas and add to that wave of awesome paints.


Mawnbak (Abyss from Marvel vs Capcom 2)

Being part of large projects like this is really cool! I hope to be a part of more in the future!


Augustoflores (Sett Ra)

The Bosses really deserve a nice tribute. Some have given the main character a reason to fight to get to the end, others might have been in the way to a greater goal. Without a boss, there would be no drive to beat the game. The boss has been a staple entity within the fighting genre… usually so powerful to be left unplayable… when they were, it was always a pleasure to walk a mile in their shoes.
A toast to the bosses, for giving us a reason to fight, and here’s waiting for the next battle; I’m sure we’re all itching for round 2.


 Hexterian (True Ogre)

The project turned out great. I’ve been able to see a lot of artists with different styles and skills putting their heart into this tribute, and it’s really awesome to be a part of that as well. All I can say is I look forward to the next project.


LukeTheRipper (Geese Howard, Fernandez)

Well, what can I say, it’s a pleasure to participate in such a project, more so since it wasn’t just a mere popularity contest, it was a tribute to all amazing fighting game bosses no matter how obscure they are. I hope to see such great projects in the future, and hopefully be a part of these as well.


Progress and Infos

The project started officially on 05.10.2011 and ended on 20th December 2011

83 Entries were submitted

The page was last updated on 21. 12.2011