Bishamon is an samurai classified as “Tsukumogami”possessed by the demonic armor he wears. His name is probably related to the Japanese God of War also called Bishamonten.

Bishamon is one of the more serious Darkstalkers characters, and one of the few capcom fighting game characters using swords/katana.

Bishamon is a playable character in all Darkstalkers games so far, in Darkstalkers 3 there is also a second version of him related to the story that Bishamon got rid of the armor due to a battle with Pyron. Oboro Bishamon is a cleansed version of Bishamon, no longer bound by the evil armor. This version is slightly different looking and playing.

Originally this version was known as Shin Bishamon in the original Vampire Saviour but for unknown reasons, Capcom changed his name to oboro Bishamon. Oboro Bishamon is a cleansed version of Bishamon, no longer bound by the evil of Hannya and Kien.

Artworks related to “Oboro”, the armor itself without Bishamon are covered here as well.

Bishamon is one of the least popular Darkstalkers characters and drawn relative rarely, however the most of the Bishamon artworks by fans are extraordinary detailed and stylish, often quite scary like Paulo Santana’s “Hungry Hannya” piece.



Darkstalkers Resurrection Bishamon Render

Bishamon re-drawn for Darkstalkers Resurrection by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

Selected Bishamon & Oboro fan art from the Darkstalkers fighting games featured on Game Art HQ:

Bishamon from Darkstalkers

“Hungry Hannya”

Darkstalkers Bishamon Fanart Convergence of Madness color by humida

“Convergence of Madness”


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Official Art and Sprites of Bishamon:

Bishamon Art from Darkstalkers 3

Official Bishamon illustration ripped from the Playstation version of Darkstalkers 3

Websites with additional official art and sprites of Bishamon:
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