Nathaniel William “Rock” Adams is a character from the SoulCalibur games who debuted in the first part SoulEdge already in 1996. In the sequels he was always an unlockable character for some reason and in SoulCalibur II he is only playable as “Berserker”

Like all SoulCalibur Characters he went through a ton of different designs, his were always Conan the Barbarian inspired it seems with those animal masks and giant weapons.

He is quite rarely drawn by fans though and its a small wonder i could feature two really good drawn fan arts about him already.

Sadly the Rock was not in SoulCalibur V like so many cool SC veterans =/

Rock SCIV Render

Selected and featured Fan Art of the Rock from the SoulCalibur Games:


Rock based on SCIV

soulcalibur rock by_busasami

Redesigned Rock

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