Lord Raptor, who is known as Zabel in Japan is one of the Darkstalkers characters, and beside that the maybe coolest undead Zombie Heavy Metal Game Character ever.

In three words: HE IS BADASS

Seriously, this guy has one of the coolest background stories ever seen in a fighting game, and how he plays and attacks is damn cool as well..of all the old Darkstalkers characters, this is the guy i mostly want to see being back is Capcom ever decides to release a new Darkstalkers.

Lord Raptor is drawn sometimes in his *cough* Midnight Bliss version too and i am sure some of those drawings will pop up here sooner or later. He is pretty cool looking on just every well drawn art



Lord Raptor win portrait from DS3 ^^

Lord Raptor from Darkstalkers Art drawn by his Fans

Lord Raptor Darkstalkers Art by Steven De Sykes

by Steven De Sykes

Lord Raptor Zabel Darkstalkers Art by Joshua Dunbar

by Joshua Dunbar