The so called Outsider plays an important role in Dishonored and is supporting Corvo Attano with the powerful tools he can use for his revenge.

The Outsider is also a pretty mysterious character, and it seems like his role will remain that way in future Dishonored games.

Visually he looks a bit like Johnny Depp some say, but that is only his human form anyway. It seems like the Outsider’s true form is that of the “Leviathan” a large see creature that lives deep beneath the ocean.

Seems artists like his role and design, Dishonored was released only a month before i wrote these lines and there are already some pretty awesome fan art pieces about this character.

I will do my best to cover them and feature these great artworks.

Dishonored Outsider

The mysterious “Outsider” from Dishonored – Art drawn by Fans

dishonored the outsider by_vrihedd

by Vrihedd