Nitara – the Vampire Lady from Mortal Kombat drawn by Fans

Nitara is one of the new characters in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, which was the first MK game fully using the freedom of 3D for the gameplay and played very differently as its prequels.

Nitara is a vampire, so far the only one in the whole Mortal Kombat Universe and so far only seen again in Mortal Kombat Armageddon. While she was a quite interesting character, both design and gameplay wise, she is one of the MK females which get rarely drawn since the Ninja Girls like Kitana and Mileena gets the most love by artists..and to cosplay her is a lot harder than Mileena etc anyway ^^

Anyway, it is Game Art HQ`s quest to show you every unknown game character, preserve their designs through the art of fans and thats what you (will) see via this gallery. The start makes the very detailed Nitara artwork made by Asai Balboa for our Mortal Kombat Tribute.

Nitara MKDA


Nitara, the Vampire Lady from Mortal Kombat:

Nitara from Mortal Komba

by Asai Balboa